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Vehicle Detailing

Your vehicle deserves nothing but the best, and that’s precisely what we deliver.


Window Tinting

Upgrade your ride with our professional window tinting services.


Paint Protection Film

Preserve your vehicle’s pristine finish with our cutting-edge paint protection film.


Paint Correction

Restore the luster of your vehicle with our precision paint correction services

Our Testimonials

"I recently took my F-150 to Bravo for some tint work. It turned out fantastic. Johnny and his crew were very easy to work with, knowledgeable, and responded in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend them for all you tint and auto detailing needs."

Taylor Jaquez


"Quality of the work was great! Customer service was also great; very friendly and easy to work with! Would highly recommend."

Peter Klassen

"Easiest going guy I know, and most importantly he's the best at what he does! Did and absolutely amazing full paint correction on my Jeep that used to have horrible swirl marks. If you need any work done be sure to give Bravo a call!"

Frankie Peters

"Best auto detailing I've ever found, hands down. Based on my experience I'll be sticking to Bravo's for a very very long time."

Melissa Aranda

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A Frequently Asked Questions List

What is included in a standard vehicle detailing service?

Our standard vehicle detailing service includes a thorough exterior wash, waxing, interior vacuuming, window cleaning, and dashboard polishing. For a more comprehensive package, we offer additional services such as leather conditioning and carpet shampooing.

How often should I get my vehicle detailed?

The frequency of detailing depends on various factors such as your driving habits, the environment, and your preferences. However, we generally recommend detailing every 4 to 6 months to maintain your vehicle’s appearance and protect its surfaces.

What are the benefits of window tinting beyond aesthetics?

Window tinting provides several benefits, including UV ray protection, heat reduction, glare reduction, and enhanced privacy. It also helps protect your vehicle’s interior from sun damage, preserving its longevity.

Is window tinting legal, and are there restrictions on tint darkness?

Window tinting laws vary by location. We ensure that our tinting services comply with local regulations. We can also help you choose a tint darkness that aligns with legal requirements while meeting your preferences.

How does PPF protect my vehicle's paint?

Paint Protection Film is a clear, durable layer that adheres to your vehicle’s paint. It acts as a barrier, shielding against stone chips, bug splatter, bird droppings, and other environmental contaminants, preserving the original paint finish.

Can PPF be applied to specific areas of my vehicle, or does it have to cover the entire surface?

Absolutely. We offer customizable PPF solutions, allowing you to protect specific areas prone to damage, such as the hood, fenders, or bumper, or opt for full-body coverage for comprehensive protection.

What is paint correction, and how is it different from detailing?

Paint correction is a specialized process that involves removing imperfections in the paint, such as swirl marks, scratches, and oxidation. It goes beyond traditional detailing, focusing on restoring the paint’s clarity and depth.

How do I know if my vehicle needs paint correction?

If you notice swirl marks, fine scratches, or a lack of luster in your vehicle’s paint, it may benefit from paint correction. We offer consultations to assess your paint condition and recommend the appropriate services.